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Creating a Will and workable estate plan can be a challenge for many individuals. The laws for wills, trusts and succession planning are changing with ever-increasing frequency, resulting in a greater need for proper legal advice. Issues of second or blended families, questions of guardianship, concerns regarding transferring personal wealth or family businesses to the next generation or personal care planning for those individuals with disabilities or incapacity are difficult to resolve without the benefit of sound legal advice.

Our Wills and Trust lawyers have decades of experience drafting and reviewing a broad array of types and styles of estate planning documents. We conduct an in-depth assessment where we discuss your family, companies, ownership of real estate and bank accounts, beneficiary designations, insurance coverage, Powers of Attorney, and Representation Agreements. We listen first, assess second, and then provide our personal and considered legal advice accordingly. Often, this assessment and the advice that follows, saves our clients thousands of dollars in taxes or other government fees.

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Our experienced Wills and Trusts lawyers help our clients develop an estate plan that works for them and their families. Our lawyers work with you, your accountants, and other financial advisors to create your estate plan and minimize your tax burden. In addition to drafting a Will that best meets your needs, some of the strategies we utilize include:

  • Creation of trusts – testamentary, family, alter ego, and spousal trusts
  • Creation of agreements – Powers of Attorney, Representation
  • Agreements, Co-habitation and Marriage Agreements
  • Designations under RRIFS, RRSPs, and life insurance policies
  • Corporate re-organizations including estate freezes (tax preferred roll-overs)

Here are examples of work we recently handled for clients through our Vancouver Wills and Trust Law practice:

  • Allowed our client’s family to concentrate on the time they had left with this client’s husband, who was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness, by creating a comprehensive, but simple estate plan for him
  • Saved a client over $100,000 in government Probate Fees by conducting a comprehensive estate review, and creating a Joint Partner Trust
  • Negotiated the appointment of a neutral corporate Committee to manage the affairs of our client’s mother, when there were significant family issues of distrust and capacity between the father and the other siblings

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