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We are experienced in protecting your child from a parent. Sometimes parents need specially skilled child protection lawyers with guardianship applications/interim guardianships, protection orders and other emergency relief. We are particularly responsive and effective where the safety and security of children are at risk. We understand your emotional well-being is directly connected to the well-being of your child(ren) and take these matters very seriously and with appropriate urgency.

We manage the toughest issues that are at risk of overwhelming you: child abduction/Hague Convention issues, family violence and sexual abuse, and other forms of trauma that can have long-term consequences. These are extremely sensitive and difficult matters in which we have many years of experience. Applying trauma informed advocacy means that we use a team-based approach to dealing with the outcomes of domestic and other types of violence, and support survivors by attending to their emotional and physical well-being and security. In other words, we give the trauma you have experienced the support it deserves and help you manage the consequences of those traumatic events. Our child protection lawyers support you and your family skillfully and effectively during this particularly difficult time.

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