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When an individual is particularly disappointed by the outcome of a family law trial decision they may wish to reassess a court’s decision with the help of a family law appeal lawyer. The decision will be reviewed to determine if an error has occurred in the proceedings and/or the reasons for the decision and if there is a reasonable basis for recommending an appeal.

The British Columbia Court of Appeal will expect appellants, and in some cases, respondents who are also appealing, to clearly state the nature of the error. The Court of Appeal has different standards of review for different types of errors to reflect deference to the level of the decision-maker (court). We help assess whether an appeal should be pursued, and if so, how best to proceed in order to increase your probabilities of success.

Jurisdictional issues can also arise and complicated your matter. Some spouses are dealing with jurisdictions outside of British Columbia. This includes issues related to property located elsewhere, agreements signed in a foreign country, children living outside of Canada, or business operations or assets held outside of Canada. Deciding on the most favourable jurisdiction to hear a custody, support and family property or debt matter can often be crucial to the decision-making process. Careful consideration should be given to dealing with laws in other jurisdictions and how these may impact outcome of your matter.

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