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Our child custody lawyers help our clients with standard custody, parenting coordination and access issues. You will also find us skilled in special and challenging problems relating to parental alienation and child alienation.

Parents and legal guardians will be concerned with how Provincial laws are applied to child custody and support matters when a marriage ends. Parenting plans are an important and effective method of managing co-parenting and accessing to children, even though such plans are not legally binding.

We strongly encourage formalized parenting plans as they benefit everyone involved by setting boundaries and reducing conflicts. We can help you navigate relocation issues, changing custody orders and visitation times. We assist you to determine, decide and divide responsibilities and duties of custody or guardianship of your child/children. We help you make decisions with respect to where your child will live, be educated and how to best fulfill their needs and more.

When necessary, we secure valid and enforceable orders or judgments based on the Family Law Act and other legislation/jurisprudence on behalf of our clients. Our custody lawyers also address special issues related to the rights and visitations of grandparents, stepparents and other loved ones.

The courts will resolve child custody and access disputes in the best interest of the child, while child support claims are directed under the Federal Child Support Guidelines.

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