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When a relationship is not working out the road can get bumpy and impassable creating additional distress for you. When you and your spouse are contemplating separation, it is time to seek legal advice – finding a separation lawyer who you trust and who demonstrates skills, but also compassion – is imperative in our view.

As your lifestyle and living arrangements approach potentially dramatic shifts, your lawyer should be steady, calm and reasoned, providing you with security and confidence. In all circumstances, we provide important advice at this stage to protect you and begin planning for your future, and that of your children.

In high conflict situations, we are particularly experienced and skilled. On many occasions, we receive clients from other family lawyers in other law firms where spouses or partners are extremely difficult, including those who exhibit narcissistic behaviours making resolution more difficult.

Our negotiation skills are deployed early in our efforts to represent you and reach your goals. And yet, from day one our separation lawyers are building your case and preparing to take your matter to court and argue with skill and passion for your rights. Our perspective is on the long run and your best interests, including the well-being of your children today and in the future. We believe in conducting ourselves responsibly and respectfully with all parties involved because the outcomes are the same but peaceful resolutions, even if hard-fought, are healthier for everyone.

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