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When matters of the heart become difficult, they are amongst the most disruptive and stressful in one’s life. They can bring unwelcomed changes to your lifestyle, impact your children and effect your finances.

We bring clarity and confidence to those in emotional turmoil and others who simply need skilled legal experience in the area of Family Law. You will find us sensitive and experienced in navigating your unique set of circumstances towards a resolution, whether you require a separation, divorce or a child custody agreement.

We understand –

Your family situation is unique and every relationship is different.

You are stressed and worried about cost and duration and negative impacts on your life.

Navigating government bureaucracy, the courts and the decisions required of you can be overwhelming.

Questions? Just Ask!

We believe –

There is always a positive way forward. Our Vancouver Family Lawyers help identify solutions, reduce conflict, minimize negative impacts ̶ on your life and those close to you – to navigate the options. We help with relationship planning when things break down. We review your situation, determine your legal options and help you find your way forward.

Legal advice is one part of your support network. We engage a trusted support network of accountants, child psychologists, counselors and other professionals as needed.

We can help chart your new course, move ahead productively, while protecting you and your rights.

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