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Civil Litigation! These are intimidating words. Through the course of their personal lives or their businesses, many of our clients have found themselves where they need to enforce their rights against another party or to defend their rights from another’s claim. Whether it is a contractual dispute, a debt collection, conflict between shareholders, wrongful dismissal or employment related issue, a contested divorce involving property division or child access or an estate dispute over an inheritance, our clients know to turn to us for help. Conflict is inevitable and when it happens you should take it seriously. It helps to have a team of experienced litigation lawyers to support you and your rights and guide you through the process.

At Kerfoot Burroughs LLP, our experienced litigation team provides advice and litigation services to our clients on many day-to-day problems and issues. Our litigators regularly represent clients in many complex litigation, arbitration and mediation matters before courts, administrative tribunals, and arbitration panels. Our litigation team approaches contentious problems with a keen eye on the economic realities that affect all disputes, and are experts at dealing with a broad range of issues.

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We encourage client participation at every step, from developing strategies to prevent litigation before it even starts, early case assessments and budgets, through discovery, mediation, arbitration or trial and any related appeals. Our experienced Vancouver litigation lawyers take the time to fully discuss the issues with you so we fully understand the dispute, but also so that you fully understand the process and possible outcomes. The vast majority of our cases are resolved through negotiation before trial but, when necessary, our experienced trial lawyers will advocate tirelessly on your behalf in a court of law. Our litigation lawyers are supported by the expertise of lawyers in all our practice areas. When required, they are able to provide specialized input on issues that arise in our complex litigation cases.

Our recent successes include litigation involving:

  • Numerous personal injury claims
  • Defending a property division and spousal support claim during a contested divorce
  • Claiming a deposit when a reluctant buyer walked away from a real estate purchase
  • Representing a shareholder in a dispute with his business partners over the misappropriation of business funds
  • Assisted creditors collect funds owed from debtors

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