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We help birth parents, step-parents and adoptive parents deal with various types of adoption including agency, step-parent and family adoptions in addition to other special issues related to non-biological and adoptive children.

Canadian adoption laws are constantly changing and we provide guidance on the process – how the adoption will unfold, how long it will take and how much it will cost. Our adoption lawyers work proactively to prevent or reduce unnecessary delays, stress, worry and problems that can arise. We are parents too and understand the delicate nature of all different types of adoptions and how it impacts all the parties involved.

We gently guide and support parents – from determining the most appropriate type of adoption, to procuring consent documentation and successfully finalizing a child’s adoption in court and in compliance with federal and provincial laws. With us, all legal aspects of an adoption are addressed to prevent problems and potential litigation in the short and long run.

When litigation, or initial disputes or complications, arises due to parental consent, parental rights and wrongful adoptions, our adoption lawyers skillfully represent parents in court.

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