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We often tell our clients to stand out! Get a trademark! Many of our clients operate businesses that sell goods or services. In today’s competitive marketplace, we tell our clients that their brand either is, or may become, one of their most valuable assets. What is a brand? It is the image and reputation of our client’s business as it is perceived by their customers. A brand needs to be protected. Successful marketing usually includes building a valuable brand by protecting any marks that distinguish our client’s products and services from their direct competitors. The best tool used to establish and protect a brand is a registered trademark.

Kerfoot, Burroughs LLP’s Trademark Lawyers and Trademark Agents are legal veterans with decades of experience in researching and registering Trademarks with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Our Trademark Lawyers and Agents can conduct searches of the Canadian Trademarks Database for you, submit registration applications for new Trademarks, renewal applications for existing Trademarks, submit documents for registering transfers of ownership; and provide legal advice regarding the Trade-Marks Act, the Trade-Marks Regulations, and other relevant legislation. We ensure your corporate name, logo and overall brand are well protected.

At Kerfoot Burroughs LLP, our lawyers can help register, and enforce trademark and related rights. Our Trademark professionals will work with you to understand your needs in a variety of areas, including brand management, operations, business goals and industry, packaging, and advertising. We have a great deal of experience helping local companies in a variety of industries enforce their trademark rights. We also maintain close relationships with U.S. Trademark Agents to facilitate the registration of marks in the U.S.

Here are examples of work we recently handled for clients through our Trademark practice:

  • Registered over 30 marks for one of our corporate clients who specializes in polymer protection to protect their name, product applications for pipeline, marine and other projects
  • Successfully protected registered marks for companies that were at risk of others attempting to improperly use or take advantage of their marks
  • Registered marks for numerous clients including “invented names” to be applied to products and processes

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