Real Estate Investors

Buying or selling commercial or residential property in Vancouver is a major transaction for most of our clients. Given the local and international pressures on our real estate market sound and timely legal advice is all but essential. Our real estate clientele usually fall into two main categories: local individuals and families seeking to buy or sell residential real estate and local or international real estate investors seeking to buy and sell residential or commercial properties. But in either case, the purchase of real estate in Vancouver represents a significant investment that must be handled properly.

Our experienced Vancouver real estate lawyers utilize their broad experience and in-depth legal knowledge to produce the best results for our clients. Meaning, your investment is safe and secure. Investing in real estate can have a significant impact the bottom line of our client’s businesses and a family’s financial future. Our Vancouver real estate lawyers know this and work hard to ensure that your contractual rights are protected and enforced.

Our commercial real estate investor clients are involved in a variety of transactions from the purchase of office, apartment or industrial buildings, developing subdivisions to commercial and retail leasing. We represent vendors, purchasers, landlords, tenants, developers, financial institutions and other private lenders in all types of real estate transactions. Our Vancouver real estate lawyers assist in negotiating and drafting purchase agreements, drafting leases, structuring joint venture or limited partnership agreements and all types of financing.

Each transaction is unique and is often more complicated than our clients originally thought. Our Vancouver real estate lawyers guide our clients through the details of buying, selling, financing or developing their real estate investment.  For both residential and commercial real estate transactions we have the depth of experience to handle high volumes of transactions and to facilitate quick closings. We work with our clients to ensure even the most complicated transactions are completed in a timely manner with care, skill, and attention.

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