What makes some family enterprises so successful? Building financial wealth, creating harmony and preserving a family’s legacy across generations doesn’t come easy. Especially when you consider that a family enterprise is so much more than just a family business. It is the family business; but it also includes other financial assets, real estate assets and [...]

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10 Reasons to have a Will

Thinking about and completing your will can be an intimidating task, and one that is difficult to accomplish adequately without legal guidance. However, by completing a will you will secure many important benefits that make it a worthwhile undertaking.

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Alter Ego (Joint Partner) Trusts

This Information Sheet will provide information on Alter Ego and Joint Partner Trusts, what are they, what is their purpose, the advantages and disadvantages of an Alter Ego Trust and what the process looks like if you make the decision to have one. What is an Alter Ego Trust? An Alter Ego Trust is a [...]

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Empty Home Tax

Advance tax notices in Vancouver are sent out by the City during the last week of November.  This year, for the first time, the advance tax notices will include instructions on how to submit your “Property Status Declaration”. What is the Empty Home Tax? The Empty Home Tax, also known as the Vacancy Tax, has [...]

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What Are Digital Assets and Why Are They Relevant To Your Estate

What Are Digital Assets and Why Are They Relevant To Your Estate What is Estate Planning Estate planning is the process of providing assets to the next generation, ensuring beneficiaries are protected and tax implications and expenses are minimized or reduced.   A common tool used to plan an estate is a Will and Ian Burroughs, [...]

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The most important benefits of incorporating a Medical Corporation

The most important benefits of incorporating a Medical Corporation If you are a medical professional in British Columbia, there are great benefits to incorporating your practice. What follows is a description of the main benefits of incorporating a Medical practice and how the experienced lawyers at Kerfoot Burroughs LLP can help. Incorporating a Medical practice [...]

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Professional Corporation

Professional Corporation Many professionals in British Columbia have the ability to operate as a professional corporation. Generally only those professionals that are governed by a professional body or association will be allowed to incorporate. These typically include physicians, dentists, veterinarians, lawyers, accountants, engineers and architects. In most respects a professional corporation is like any other [...]

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Substantially Renovated Homes

SUBSTANTIALLY RENOVATED HOMES In the Lower Mainland, it is common for older homes to be completely renovated so as to bring all of the conveniences of a modern home into a house in a desirable location. However, some of these homes qualify as “substantially renovated” homes under the Canada Revenue Agency’s interpretation, and therefore bring [...]

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Your Personal Planning Documents and the Nidus Registry

YOUR PERSONAL PLANNING DOCUMENTS AND THE NIDUS REGISTRY When you are planning for your future, there are some personal planning documents that can be very valuable in providing you with peace of mind. Some of these documents include: A Representation Agreement An Advance Directive An Enduring Power of Attorney A Nomination of Committee These personal [...]

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